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Thread: Amazing Grac... ehr.. Patch!

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    Amazing Grac... ehr.. Patch!

    Thanks to stevensnj, this amazing Kenny Jonsson card is now in my PC. If you got some (somewhat rare) Kenny cards you dont need, please let me know. My white whale is still the 2001-02 BAP Signature TM-20 Teammates Jersey (Kenny Jonsson & Alexei Yashin).

    And now, here is the card!

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    thats a very nice card, congrats on the nice find

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    I don't see what it's numbered out of?? It's clearly a piece of an NHL Sheild.... but is it a 1 of 1, or did you just get one with a really cool patch?

    Either way, nice card!

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    I don´t think its a 1 of 1, as its not stamped as one, but the patch must be the cooles one I have seen on a Jonsson card...

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    Very nice card there! I love seeing those cards that have a piece of the the shield. I know Topps and Pacific both have been known to throw those into patch cards every now and then. May only be a 2 color patch but much more unique than any other patch from the jersey. Great addition to your PC!


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    Awesome looking patch
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