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    Anyone interested in Pride Bushido DVDs ...

    I have three, volumes 3, 4 and 9.

    Vol. 3 includes Cro Cop, Gomi, Ryan Gracie, Minowa, Newton, A. Emelianenko, Chonan and many others. 12 fights.

    Vol. 4 includes Crop Cop, Gome, Nogueira, Sakurai, Nakamura, Minowa, Yamamoto, Lister, Filho, and Mishima, among others. 11 fights.

    Vol.9 is 2-discs and includes welterweight and lightweight tourney matches and includes Dan Henderson, Gono, Filho, Kasurai, Pulver, Hansen, Edwards, and Bennett. 14 fights.

    This is a pretty awesome collection I'm willing to sell PayPal for $20 DLVD or will entertain Bo Jackson or MMA cardboard trade options.

    Thanks for any interest ...

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Lot to be enjoyed by another ... Please close thread.

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