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    My Name is Earl and some other shows get the axe!

    My Name is Earl, ER, Prison Break and a few other shows will not be renewed!

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    Didn't watch any of them anyway.

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    Prison Break was expected. Earl is a shocker. Other networks may look at picking up Earl.

    I'm glad Chuck got renewed!

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    King of the Hill!!! NOOOOOOO!!! I guess after 13 seasons it has to be expected, but I was hoping it would never die. I love Family Guy, I love Southpark, I love Aqua Teen, I love Sealab 2021....but King of the Hill is my favorite animated show of all time and in my top 5 of all shows! And it kills me that it's now one of my 2 year old daughter's favorite shows too...every night at 10 that's what we watch as she goes to sleep *tear* *sniff sniff*

    I love Earl, great show, but it was going downhill...most shows do after the first couple of seasons. It is a classic to me, though.

    The only other one I even remotely enjoyed was Hole in the Wall...that was funny on know, when my brain had already shut down for the night.

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    NO!!!!!!...not Earl!

    Randy was my favorite character!
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    Harper's Island :(

    Man that was a great 5 episode but no one really watched it.

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    Only one I watched from that list was Boston Legal, but that show ending is old news.

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    kath and kim?

    Cmon who doesnt love those cheesy outfits from the 70s

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    One show that got the boot that I loved watching is The Game. That show was pretty funny. Kinda got a little like a soap oprah this last season, but I still liked the show.

    Ive heard rumors that another station is trying to pick it up though. Hope it comes back

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