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Thread: WTB/WTTF: CHEAP JR Smith

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    I want to trade/buy CHEAP JR Smith GUs/AUs.


    Cheap as in under $5 DLVD.

    I'm a poor kid with an interest in this hobby, give me a break.

    CMB and..

    08-09 Fleer Anthony Randolph GU
    07-08 Bowman Elevation Rashard Lewis GU /19
    92-93 UD Shaquille O'Neal Trade Card
    98-99 UD Anfernee Hardaway Choice Card
    88-89 Fleer Horace Grant /132
    91-92 NBA Hoops Dikembe Mutombo RC
    88-89 Fleer Reggie Miller /132
    03-04 UD Lebron James Lebron's Diary
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