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Thread: Just wanted to show this...

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    Just wanted to show this...

    Just wanted to show this off..I picked these up on 'bay a couple weeks ago. I think the seller sent me the Duncan by mistake..cause I thought I LOST the Duncan in a bidding war. Cards and tech are PHENOMONAL!!

    Pic 1...seperate:

    And...pic 2..TOGETHER~~

    Aren't those just AWESOME~~~

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    thats pretty sweet how they hook together. Did the originally come together? or would you have to like put all the pieces together when it came out of a pack? pretty sweet either way. thanx :)

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    inserted in different packs. There's different subsets to them. Then you had the 'Members Only' set.. All cut from one sheet and shipped out...and FINALLY all put back


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    That is a TOUGH insert set to find - I still don't have Antoine Walker's card yet from that set. I wish I did though because it's an awesome set. Congrats!

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    Thanks all..don't think I'll go after this there's WAY too many and different variations..but, I'll pick them up when I can.


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    WOW thats sick! never seen anything like that!!

    What set is that? those are sweet...


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