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Thread: Set in progress

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    Set in progress


    I try to collect all the 2007-08 Artifacts Tunda Randems Patches - Turco/Zubov card. The /35, /25, /10, /1.

    Now I could get 6 from the /35, 8 from the /25 (honestly 9, but I gave one to my buddy), and two from the /10. Because they're really rare from now, pleae help, if you know where can I find some others.

    Here are some pics:

    You can see the others here:

    Thanks for the look!


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    Nice patches on those George, keep them coming!

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    Nice patches and good luck
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    wow, that is a killer set to try and get but good luck

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    Very nice patches, good luck for the set!

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    at first, I thooght this is a big mistake to share, to own a lot patches from these as I do. Thanks for the confirm, that I'm not making the mistake and for the luck!

    Thanks Kevin, Zunato, GOSHARGO and nic11!


    Ps: if you know where can I find more, please pm me.

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    I have 07/08 UD Artifacts Tundra Tandems Dual Patches Silver #07/35 TT-TZ Turco / Zubov. Details + scan of the card have been mailed to you.

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    Nice start so far, good luck finding the really rare ones!
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    Tomas, thanks for the card, I've sent you back an e-mail, I hope you got it.

    Well it's not the easiest, and some of the cards are really hard to get (for example from a Dallas fan), but I think some patience will help.

    Thanks for the comments!


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