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    Looking for high end Oshie cards. Prefer Patches and Autos. Thx Pm me have plenty of cash to spend on cards # /1,/10 etc. I will pay above what anyone else offers you so don't sell or trade any Oshies to anyone else without a PM to me first, I will make it worth it. I have plenty of references Thanks
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    PLease Keep Me in Mind!!


    I am looking for High End Patch Oshie cards paying top dollar..

    I also will pay anyone $1200 for an Oshie Ultimate Shield 1/1 or $2000 for an Oshie Cup Shield(once released).

    Will Be paying the following on Oshie Patch/Auto

    3-4 Color SPA Patch Auto $125-$135
    2-4 Color Ice/10 $180-$225
    08/09 Cup ARP $325-$500
    All Others $50 Over Ebay(Need to complete my patch collection)

    I should be the first person you contact if you want the most $$$

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