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Thread: Nice eBay PC Pickup

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    Nice eBay PC Pickup

    Got this card today, can't scan until tomorrow, I'm out of town for the weekend.

    Got an AWESOME deal on it. I'll put the link below, but before you see the price, let me tell you that there have been OUTRAGEOUS prices for some of these lately. A few examples:

    BRETT Sutter $40
    Pogge $50-60 I think
    Varlamov $280 - good deal for the seller!!!
    Okposo $50-60

    I had a LONG list of them but the computer froze and I had to restart it and so I lost the list of the cards that sold for CRAZY prices. There were maybe 10 cards on the list.

    Here's the link to my new Bogo PC GEM: em=260409063428

    Yeah, doesn't get too much better than that!

    Thanks for the look.

    EDIT: SCAN!!!

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    very nice steal, Im hoping the McGinn im watching will for around that much maybe even less

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    Wow, that's about as good or maybe better than the deal I got on a Jay Bouwmeester BAP Signautres /15 I got for $4.84 last week!
    Collecting: auto's and game used patches of Jari Kurri, Grant Fuhr, Paul Coffey and other 80's Oilers. Also looking Ed Belfour autos. For all players, it doesn't matter what team they are shown with.

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