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    cory schneider opc metal rc

    bear with me here guys, my sons and I were at shopper's drug mart this morning and there's a lady paying for her purchases and she's got bulk stuff to carry to her car plus a jug of water.
    we were behind her waiting to cash out and I noticed she could use a hand so I asked nathan my 8 year old son to give her a hand and take stuff to her car.
    which he did gladly, she appreciated the gesture and afterwards me and the boys were going to the flea market to bust a bit of wax.
    before we got there I told nathan he was bound to pull something decent as a reward for his kindness.
    I'm happy to say I didn't lie, he pulled all the good stuff in his first pack
    as I gave him the $4 to buy it
    here's what he pulled for his $4

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    very nice story and very nice cards, congrats

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    I wish more parents raised there kids like you.....great break!

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