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    Anywhere to get a full drivers checklist anymore?

    Ever since Beckett changed their layout, I have no way of getting a drivers full checklist anymore.....anyone know of a way, aside from looking through each PP checklist and doing it that way?

    I'm looking for a Hornish checklist.....debating on collecting him.

    (I swear to God....I just can't settle on a 4th driver to collect....I start, then stop with every driver I've picked so far, lol.)


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    yeah Jeremy it really is a pain-I used beckett for all the old cards (and youll def find some that arent in there) and i just add those into the database-with the new releases the easiest is to just use the press pass checklist. Thats what i do-dont know what anyone else does.

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    You can still get a checklist from Beckett. Just go to the racing price guide and type in the driver you want in search. It should come up with both cards and diecasts. PM coming...


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