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Thread: Paypal Problem

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    Paypal Problem

    I just got back into the hobby recently & started buying & selling on ebay. Last week I signed to my ebay to find out it was suspended. Reason being my paypal was frozen so they could verify who I was. I didn't think it was anything big but boy was I in for a surprise. I went to confirm my social & was told that it was already on another account. I was told they would look into it but they needed proof of delivery for a couple of items that I sold, but I could not print postage because my account was frozen. So I took a trip to the post office & spent they extra postage. I sent copies of my id & social over to them as well as bank statements & proof of address. All this time I was lead to believe my funds would be released very soon. Finally they tell me they have evidence that the other account shares information with my account, obviously my social which I told them was not me. Therefore I am responsible for 700 dollars that someone else owes them. Also I was told the only way I could fight this is to file a police report & they have to convict someone. The thing I do not get is if I supposedly owe them 700 dollars why will they release the 300 dollars from my account in 180 days? Wouldnt they take my money & apply it to what is supposedly owed. Is there anything I can do to fight this?

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    anyone have any info they could help me with on this?

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    doesnt sound good man... i wish i could tell you somethin to help ya out, but unfortunetly sounds like they have the upper hand, as usual! just hope that the person that "created" that account didnt take it further with your social sn... that crap is probably affecting your credit report too!

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    How did you find this information out? Have you gotten any "emails" from PayPal or eBay recently that said something like that?

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    I have been in contact with paypal all week, I have checked my credit report & there is nothing from paypal even on there. Maybe they do not report to the 3 major credit bureaus. But it sounds like I am stuck. I have 2 options to clear this up. Hope the police can do something which I do not have much faith in or pay the money. What really bothers me about it is if someone did this to me on paypal already what is to stop thhem from doing it again? I mean I had a paypal account for over 2 months before they even questioned me.

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    Okay, then it's possible your identity has been stolen and the only way to fix that would be to go to the police.

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    Yeah, file a police report.

    On the other hand, I wonder if you fell into a phishing scam, and you fell for it and just sent them your SS# etc.....

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    Did you happen to get a email from paypal saying that you need to update your account info?That are really not form paypal. I get those spam emails once a month.If you logged into your account using that fake email they can get your info that way.sorry to hear about that.Hope all works out.

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    Smile Paypal problem...

    If you responded to something asking for your social, and you sent that via your email. They now have the email address and your social. No telling what else they can get off the internet.

    Best of Luck...


    Quote Originally Posted by BCUS28 View Post
    Yeah, file a police report.

    On the other hand, I wonder if you fell into a phishing scam, and you fell for it and just sent them your SS# etc.....

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    Thanks for the advice. It was actually an account from a couple of years ago. I think it was actually an old neighbor of mine. All should work out. Its just frustrating because I have some stuff to sell & some items I wanted to buy on ebay. Just have to wait it out now.

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