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    i cant find a phillipe boucher card ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

    does anyone have a phillipe boucher card they are willing to trade me?? i prefer him to be in a stars uniform, but ANY will do!!! he is a great defensmen and he plays for the stars!! ive been looking for a card of him for a long time and i cant find one. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    I think I have some commons of him with Buffalo and LA.

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    Here are the only 2 I can find right now. I gotta search threw 2 boxes of 1000 cards each and I got 1000 cards coming in the mail I bought off ebay.

    Upper Deck 92-93 #484 (Sabres) BV=.05
    Upper Deck 93-94 #82 (Sabres) BV=.05

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    I have a 1998-1999 UD MVP Boucher card. He is in a Kings uni.


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    I have a bunch of him with LA.. send me an email if you want em
    Looking for some FElix Potvin

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    I got one of my packages in the mail today. In 350 card I got absolutely NO Boucher cards. My other package should be here for sure sometime this week. I don't really know what I want in return for a trade.

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    i just got a bunch of new cards today, they will be on my website in a few hours.

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