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Thread: Charlotte Bobcats?!?!?!?!

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    Charlotte Bobcats?!?!?!?!

    Look at this . Has anyone heard about this yet? I know i havent? Or did I miss this somewhwere

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    Thats the first I've heard of it.Bobcats ain't too bad I guess. Its stupid to lose a team only to get one back 3 years later.

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    yep, I agree with Studin.

    They moved the franchise to New Orleans, and attendance in Charlotte was dismal for past couple of seasons.

    Then, the NBA decides, "..hey, why don't we get another team here.."


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    Agree with all of you guys, attendance in Charlotte has always been poor, they really dont support there team basically at all.
    Plus, where are you going to get players' to play on that team? Have a draft? That is one of the stupidest ideas i have heard in a long time.

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    basically, what you have is a dilution of talent, and overpaid players who aren't really any good

    as well as the older players, who should have retired, now hanging on with these clubs.

    Guys like Charles Oakley should retire

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    podstock, i think youre wrong...while expansion killed baseball with the pitching, i think basketball is fine the same way football is. Every team has stars, and there are stars to be drafted every year by the bad teams...what kills the league is bad management. Jerry Krause, Michael Jordan, Donald Sterling...thats who messes things up... not signing players, trading your stars, etc. thats your own fault
    and guys have been playing longer than they should have for ever, in every league....lets see Robert Parish, Rickey Henderson, Emmit Smith
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