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    Will pay CC for a nice animated banner!!!

    Size: 500x100, 75kb or less

    Slide 1: Pic of redsox logo, and text:Sportyryan101 collects Boston Red Sox
    Slide 2: Pic Of patriots logo, and text:Sportyryan101 collects New England Patriots
    Slide 3: pic of celtics logo, and text: Sportyryan101 collects boston celtics

    Thanks! LMK how this works, i know there may be some trouble getting all these slides in 75kb

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    I'm not sure of the banner guidelines and if you're able to link it from an outside website. If so, I'm up for this challenge

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    by that do you mean host the banner on another site? if so, yes that is allowed

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    Okay, good. Then we'll be set .. banner coming soon.

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    ok thanks but i need an IMG code to put it in my sig

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