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    Trading in your favor for Steve Mason, Ovechkin and Crosby

    Everything is for trade

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Everything? The Gretz rookies too? Cmb, plus that I have 3 Masons I've been sitting (till he wins the Calder) Champs mini auto, Black diamond rc ruby /100, SPa FW rc.

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    Yes the gretz's there only for trade for some SWEEET! cards though which you have, i will get a list together and pm you what i like

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    I will get a Ovechkin Frozen Fabrics ... any interest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nic11 View Post
    I will get a Ovechkin Frozen Fabrics ... any interest?
    Yup. check my bucket

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    I'm interested in the Doughty Ice rookie and Mason Ultimate rookie. Here's a link to some Crosby stuff that is available.


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    Quote Originally Posted by collins1425 View Post
    Everything is for trade
    I am interested in these u have ft
    ma fleury ice glacial graph
    jordan staal ice FF
    mason ultimate rc

    I have
    mason yg
    ovechkin clear path to greatness CP2
    Ovechkin 07-08 hot materials Gu (3 color)

    lmk, send me a PM to talk further and discuss BV

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    "I also Trade based on BV, Not SV so dont quote me Ebay Sales"

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    Interested in several of Red Wings.
    please check my bucket.
    pm the cards you like and we can go from there.

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