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    another 2 box black break. (still waitin for my case ARGGGG) but i got 3 A hits!! WOO

    stopped by the shop today cuz my case still isnt in and he had 2 boxes left on the shelf. so after about 30 secs of thinking whether i should or not, i did lol

    here is box 1

    1st pack:
    Paul Pierce team logo GOLD auto 9/10

    2nd pack:


    Larry Bird Auto Letter Patch "O" 2/4

    Box 2:

    1st Pack:

    Another A HIT:
    Michael Beasley Auto Quad Jersey RC /99 Redemption WOOTWOOT

    2nd pack:

    another redemption Crap, turned it over and BAM. another A HIT

    Derrick Rose/Michael Beasley Dual Auto Quad Jersey GOLD Redemption /10

    will post scans tonight. EVERYTHING IS AVAIL FOR PAYPAL OFFERS

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    how much for the boxes?

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    i paid 300 cdn for each box

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    great pull!!!! how much r us looking for the rose/beasley??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ojmayo32 View Post
    great pull!!!! how much r us looking for the rose/beasley??

    looking for offers, completed sales have ranged between 293 and 500+.

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    yeah, a local store is charging me 310 for a box..........

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    Your doing amazing!


    You probably got the best redemption box out there!

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