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Thread: Todays UD mail all FT/Sale

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    Todays UD mail all FT/Sale

    Well I think UD fixed my issue all FT/Fs looking for Football and select vintage.

    I got 2 boxes today a box of UD hero's baseball and UD Timelines Baseball

    for my Triple auto of Glavine/Smoltz and Maddux that wasn't made

    heres my hits
    Corey Hart/199

    Brandon Phillips

    Josh Hamilton

    Oh And this Beauty





    On Card


    Nolan Ryan/Dice K Dual Auto not from the boxes this was seperate :cheers:

    I think this was good only took me 3 months of complaining to get.
    the dual auto though has sold for 230.00 to 260.00 this month

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