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Thread: Arpsmith - Ronnie Lott

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    Arpsmith - Ronnie Lott

    Congrats to Adam (arpsmith) on becoming a Super Collector of Ronnie Lott. This was truly a fun collection to look through for me because a few of these cards and designs were before I was serious into collecting. Still a lot of new stuff, but nonetheless love the ProLine auto set! Awesome collection, very impressive, and definitely a great safety!

    Applying to be a Ronnie Lott Supercollector. Here are my stats:

    Amount Owned/Amount Produced= % Owned 567/719 78.86%
    Amount Auto/GU Owned/Amount Produced= % Owned 117/206 56.80%
    Amount Rookies Owned/Amount Produced= % Owned 1/1 100.00% (only 1 official rookie, have the other card and both stickers produced that year as well)
    Amount Base Owned/Amount Produced= % Owned 450/513 87.72%
    Additional links or pictures -
    This has scans of all my GU/Auto/Printing Plates
    Any additional information that sets your collection apart - I also have 5 printing plates, pins, coins, posters, decals and an autographed print (artwork).

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    nice collection...Thats a sweet dual.
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    Very nice collection, and congrats on receiving this honor!


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    An awesome collection of an awesome player.

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    Very nice collection Adam!!! Keep up the great work and congrats on the award!!


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    Nice collection. Lott cards are hard to come by, you rarely ever see them.

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    Awesome Collection!!!
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    Awesome collection!

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    Very nice collection of a great player
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