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    Great card, but $10000 asking price???? People are crazy!
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    that is a great card, and what he is doing is putting a ridiculous price and looking for an offer that he finds reasonable and will take it, alot of ebayers do this on cards that are too limited to get a BV

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    I wouldn't say it was found.............anyhoo, it should fetch about $6K

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    Very nice card, bit of a high asking price
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    Seems like all the major players shields have been pulled from ultimate now. Probably not much point in buying any more of those with the way the non-shields have been selling on the secondary market.

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    10000 is a good price. He can get nice offers probably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 07mears07 View Post
    10000 is a good price. He can get nice offers probably.
    well said.

    i agree with you. im sure he will get some sweet offers.

    that is why people have high asking prices so MAYBE someone will just buy it or offer a nice amount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scheidl View Post
    just imagine pulling that! wowzers!
    Its like the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket of Hockey Cards!!

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