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Thread: I'm in Beckett!!!

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    I'm in Beckett!!!

    For those of you who still get the mags, I'm in the "Have You Seen Me" section on Page 19 towards the bottom right corner. I "found" the Bernier/Vlasic MVP AU. Also, Rob (Element78914) is in the mag too. There is a feature about the AMAZING card he pulled from BTP (Roy 1/1 Emblem) on Page 14. Thought I'd just share this, it was a nice surprise to see my (and Rob's) name in there! I kinda thought I'd be in it, but the Beckett dude didn't email me back to confirm he had gotten the submission form, so I kinda wasn't sure if I'd be in...

    I'll have to scan it and put it in the bucket one of these days...

    Here are scans of our fame:


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    That's pretty sweet! A few of our members have made appearances in there now!
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    Congrat dude

    Am I in the "are you seen me" for the 07-08 ITG H&P Auto Deschamps & Knotek ?

    The only time I was in Beckett was for the dream card article....

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    I wrote a few articles for them this year but stopped as of now as other things have put demands on my time of late. I have been in that mag about 20 times now over the course of it's time.

    Congrats to you, hope you get in again someday.

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    Congrats to you and Rob!

    I was in last month's issue:

    For the record, I did not say "handsome"...
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    I got in it too, a few months back. Sent in submissions for the "have you seen me" stuff. OPC Premier Duos (Auto / Jersey) #/50. I had Kesler / Morrison and Gagne / Tanguay.

    Funny thing was I had already sold both cards (they were part of a lot I bought on eBay, just flipped the cards I didn't want). Had no idea they were so hard to find, until I read the "have you seen me" in the mag. I still had the scans, so I sent them in.

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    Congrats to all in being in Beckett.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oilfan10 View Post
    Congrats to you and Rob!

    I was in last month's issue:

    For the record, I did not say "handsome"...

    Add me to the list of loyal hobbyists who were in Beckett. I no longer get the mag though. More articles will = more readers.

    Back on track. Congrats!

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