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Thread: HELP!!! What card is this?

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    HELP!!! What card is this?

    Just got a card for my Reggie White PC and I'm not 100% sure which variation the card is ... its a 95 Collector's Edge Black Label Timewarp #12 White/Graham ... I've narrowed it down to a few possibilities ... any help is appreciated.

    Timewarp 22K Gold #12
    Timewarp Black Label #12
    Timewarp Black Label 22K Gold #12
    Timewarp Prism #12

    Regular Black Label - has a foil or prism/refractor on front, no foil on back

    Card in Question - Front ... it has gold foil in the Black Label box

    Card in Question - Back ... some sort of prism or refractor on back only

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    That is the Prisms version.

    The 22K versions actually had a big gold foil 22K stamp on the front like this.

    Also, if you need them I have some Reggie cards from the 90's. I would have to do some digging to make a list but I know I have a Pinnacle Black n' Blue and his University of Tenn card as well.

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    thanks for the help!!! the gold coloring on the black label logo threw me off as to what it could be

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