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Thread: few more ebay deals

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    few more ebay deals

    I dont know what was up with no one bidding on these 2 pitchers that are great prospects for the Yanks so i jumped on them quickly looked like a steal to me, Hughes is playing pretty well right now anyways. The seller had a bunch of rc autos and parallel rcs of both and no one was going at them so i took advantage.

    check them out em=280348861128 em=280349626159
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    Congrats on the NICE pickups!


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    Very Nice!

    Even though I am a Reds fan I like Phil Hughes. I know when I use to frequent the Beckett message boards he was a member over there and would from time to time show previews of cards he was signing to go in to future releases, really cool guy!

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    Nice Wins!
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    Those are very nice! Congrats!

    Thanks for sharing!


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