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    Anyone interested in a lot of damaged cards

    Hi Folks, looking to move this lot of damaged cards. What I will try and do if possible is take the best offer out of three people interested in buying them. There is over $200.00 ++ book value in cards, if your interested LMK by PM or this thread. Thanks, Robert

    07-08 UD1- Milan Lucic YG (rip top middle of card) $30.00

    07-08 SPA- Marian Hossa SOTT (bent top right corner) $15.00

    07-08 UD2- Jack Johnson rookie materials (ruff edge top and bottom of card) $8.00

    07-08 Ultra Fleer- Jeff Hoggan Uniformity patch /25 (small pinch bottom right corner) sweet patch yellow/dark blue/white/blue/white $25.00 +++

    06-07 itg Heroes and Prospects- Patrick O'sullivan auto (small bent on top left corner) $20.00

    05-06 UD2- all Yg's. V. Filppula, G. Coleman, B. Tallackson, S. Bernier, 2- M. Jurcina, C. Schubert, P. Eaves, T. Vanek, 2- J. Franzen, R.J. Umberger, 2- B. winchester ( all have a small factory defect on the middle of the top or bottom card) $110.00 +++

    02-03 BAP signature gold Martin St-Louis (bent top right corner) $12.00


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