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    Scf favorite movie poll - round 2!!!

    Just like before, pick one from each match-up!

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    saving private ryan, forrest gump, rocky, dumb & dumber

    my son is 10 years old today, and saving private ryan is the movie i watched 10 years ago the night before he was was a new release then, and it's an all time classic! plus, im not really a fan of star wars :)

    full metal jacket is one of my favorites, but so is forrest gump, and i just think gump is the better film.

    i grew up near philly, so of course Rocky!

    dumb & dumber never gets old...i dont know if it's the best comedy film ever, but it's up there

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    I love Star Wars, but I love good war films more and Saving Private Ryan is one of the best.
    Forrest Gump is great, but I love good war films and Full Metal Jacket is one of the best .
    Matrix blew my mind...Rocky didn't.
    I like Die Hard 2 and 3 more than Die Hard...Dumb and Dumber even my dad quotes.

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    There are better movies than this selection....i.e. Scent of a Woman, Braveheart

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    Quote Originally Posted by angel0430 View Post
    Scent of a Woman

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    I dont know if it is because of the matchup pairings but I am astounded that overall Saving Private Ryan is getting more votes than Full Metal Jacket.

    Again, it could be a generational thing.

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    I dunno...both are really good. I think the war scenes really sets Saving Private Ryan apart from most war movies, they were just amazingly good.

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    That is a great movie. It is better than Dumb and Dumber!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by haybierman View Post

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    Full Metal Jacket? I never even heard of that movie.

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