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    SCF Official Review: 2009 Upper Deck A Piece Of History

    First and foremost, a huge thanks to our sponsor, Upper Deck, for providing us with this box.

    16 packs per box
    7 cards per pack

    MSRP: $59.99-$69.99

    - ONE (1) Piece of Hollywood Memorabilia card per box, on average!
    - Find one (1) Autograph and two (2) MLB Memorabilia cards per box, on average!
    - Look for one (1) 20th Anniversary Memorabilia Card per case, on average!
    - Find two (2) Patch Memorabilia cards per case, on average!
    - Look for Eight (8) 20th Anniversary cards celebrating 20 years of Upper Deck and World History per box, on average!

    Regular Cards and Rookies:
    - 100 Regular Cards
    - 50 Rookie Cards
    - 50 Historical Moments

    Memorabilia Cards: (Two cards per box)
    - PIECE OF HOLLYWOOD (1 per box, on average)
    - Franchise History parallel
    - Stadium Scenes Jersey parallel
    - Box Score Memories Jersey parallel
    - Timeless Memories Jersey parallel
    - 20th Anniversary Memorabilia (1 per case, on average)

    Memorabilia Cards: (Two per case)
    - Franchise History Patch parallel
    - Stadium Scenes Patch parallel
    - Box Score Memories Patch parallel
    - Timeless Memories Patch parallel

    Inserts and Parallel Cards:
    - Eight (8) 20th Anniversary Cards celebrating 20 years of Upper Deck and World History per box, on average!
    - Blue Base set Form 1 parallel (numbered to 299)
    - Blue Base set Historical moments parallel (numbered to 299)
    - Blue Base set Rookie cards parallel (numbered to 299)
    - Green Base set Form 1 parallel (numbered to 150)
    - Green Base set Historical moments parallel (numbered to 150)
    - Green Base set Rookie cards parallel (numbered to 150)
    - Gold Base set Form 1 parallel (numbered to 50)
    - Gold Base set Historical moments parallel (numbered to 50)
    - Gold Base set Rookie cards parallel (numbered to 50)
    - Cut from the Same Cloth (numbered to 999 and parallels numbered to 149 or less)
    - Franchise Members Trio (numbered to 999 and parallels numbered to 149 or less)
    - Franchise Members Quad (numbered to 999 and parallels numbered to 149 or less)
    - Franchise History (numbered to 999 and parallels numbered to 149 or less)
    - Stadium Scenes (numbered to 999 and parallels numbered to 149 or less)
    - Box Score Memories (numbered to 999 and parallels numbered to 149 or less)
    - Timeless Memories (numbered to 999 and parallels numbered to 149 or less)

    Autograph Cards: (1 per box, on average)
    - Rookie Autographs
    - Rookie Autographs parallel's (numbered to 99 or less)
    - Franchise History jersey Auto (Varied numbering)
    - Stadium Scenes Jersey Auto (Varied numbering)
    - Box Score Memories Jersey Auto (Varied numbering)
    - Timeless Memories Jersey Auto (Varied numbering)


    Base - 44/100 (44%)
    Dupes - 0
    Rookies - 22/50 (44%)
    Dupes - 0
    Historical Moments - 22/50 (44%)
    Dupes - 0

    Blue Parallel #/299 (2) - Michael Young, Vernon Wells
    Green Parallel #/150 (1) - Pilgrims Land At Plymouth
    Gold Parallel #/50 (1) - Josh Roenicke

    Box Score Memories #/999 (2) - Gary Sheffield, Rafael Furcal

    Cut For The Same Cloth #/999 (2) - Ryan Howard/Prince Fielder, Chien-Ming Wang/Daisuke Matsuzaka

    Franchise History #/999 (1) - Roy Halladay
    Stadium Scenes Parallel #/149 (1) - Roy Halladay

    Timeless Moments #/999 (2) - Edinson Volquez, Joey Votto
    Timeless Moments Parallel #/75 (1) - Cole Hamels

    Piece Of Hollywood Memorabilia (1) - "Along Came Polly" Shirt (Ben Stiller)

    Stadium Scenes Relic #/180 (1) - Zack Greinke Jersey

    Autograph (1) - Greg Golson

    Final Ratings (Out of 5):
    Base set: 4/5
    Fun: 4.5/5
    Overall design: 3.5/5
    Value: 4/5
    Re-buy: 4.5/5

    Overall: 20.5/25 (82%)

    A Piece of History returns after a successful rookie year one year ago. Captured within this set are some noteworthy events in the history of not only the U.S., but the world. Events such as the completion of Mount Rushmore and founding of the Republican Party in the US to Earth Day and the creation of NATO are immortalized in a 50-card subset.

    The cards break down nicely out of the packs. With a 44% completion rate from the base, rookies and historical moments, the base cards can be found at a 2 to 1 ratio over the other subsets. With this success rate, it should take collectors only a couple of boxes to complete the set via the packs and then trades. Had this been a straight out base set of 200 cards, I might be turned off by the amount received. However, with the subset coming in less quantity, it makes for a enjoyable set chase.

    There are parallels and inserts everywhere in this set. In fact, each pack will yield at least an insert of some kind (not counting the 20th Anniversary Retrospective cards). All are numbered from 999 or less and feature various stars of baseball. With it's rich colors and wonderful photo, Stadium Scenes stands out as the best of the inserts. The view is as if you are in the stands behind home plate, up in the upper deck. You get a breathtaking view of the field as well as the stadium. Definitely a nice set to put together.

    Piece of Hollywood memorabilia cards are back at 1 per box. These cards were a hit last year. Noticably, it seems Upper Deck still does not have the contractual rights to display photos of the person who wore the item on the front. However, the actor's name is listed (first and last) on the back, which is new as only the first name appeared last year.

    Overall, Piece of History is a great set for collectors as well as bargain hunters. With three hits on average per box, consumers will find enjoyment in many ways. However, still not a fan of the same static card design. The granite/marble color theme to the cards detracts from the aesthetics of the cards. Also, the base auto is a different color (I assume to at least denote it's an auto). Reserve the color changes for parallels to keep things less confusing on the collectors.

    Once again, I'd like to thank our wonderful sponsor, Upper Deck, for giving us the the opportunity to showcase and review this release. If interested in more information on this box or others, you can check them out at
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    Nice break and review Tony,Thanks upperdeck

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    Nice break and review! Thanks Upper Deck for providing this!


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    I love the design, its not better than last year, but still is nice!
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    Thanks to Upper Deck for the box!

    I think collectors are either going to love or hate the design. Personally, I'm not a fan of it. I prefer a more basic design. Also, this appears to be another sticker autograph set!

    Does the "Along Came Polly" say what actor or actress? Hopefully, it is not from the sweaty basketball game! :)

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    Nice review - would be a nicer box without the non-baseball GU.

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    Nice review!! sweet lookin cards!!! Thanks UD!!!!

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    Thanks to Upper Deck for the box. I personally like the looks of the sets. Nice and simple and i'm also curious as to which actor/actress wore the shirt and if it tells us.

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    Nice stuff, Upper Deck! Love the look of those Timeless Moments inserts.

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    Very interesting insert in a BB product...I like it...thanx Upper Deck for providing the product and Tony for the Review

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