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    Entered a Logo Design contest and wanted to show it off..

    Should know the winner around the end of June. Any thoughts?

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    What is the Hugo Award for? I assume something to do with rockets or space?

    I like it. I like the colors, although brown is love it or hate to a lot of people...although those colors may already have been used by the organization. I like the font. I like incorporating the star from the graphic into the name. The only thing I might change (if it's even optional) is the colors to something that's a little more neutral.

    I like it a lot...very nicely done!

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    It's a science fiction society. The HUGO is the name of the award they give out. The rocket has been around in trophy form for years, but they never had a logo. The rocket was a must for any design being submitted. I stylized it a but more to make it a little less long.

    The color was not mandated by the group. My other color option was a navy blue, but I went with the dark red. I liked the dark red and also liked how the yellow of the stars popped. If they really like the logo and want a different color I'm not opposed to changing it.

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    I think navy would look great on it, but navy is a little too cliche. I think it fits great for an award for a science fiction society. It looks contemporary, yet still formal and distinguished...not too futuristic and not too stuffy.

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    That logo is sweet. Not too busy - simply yet sleek. Perhaps a slightly lighter shade of the same color, but still looks good.

    At the very least I would imagine that is a top design in the contest.

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    what did you use to make it?

    I use photoshop for all the logos i make for companys

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    I use illustrator for all my logos. Illustrator is a vector based program and you can produce crisp lines and type. You can also scale up a vector based piece of art as much as you want. I wouldn't produce the original in Photoshop simply because it's a pixel based program and isn't as vercital as a vector logo.

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