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    Huge super duper mega shoutout to bu54cb!!!!!!

    He sent me this. Its an autographed book of Joe Montana! He had a great story and I feel honored to have been given this to.

    He said the story behind it is a good friend of his, his best friend's son worked on the book with Montana, and he signed a few of the final copies for him and he was given one. He then passed it along to me! I will get it framed and it should make a nice piece!!

    Thanks a ton man. I aprpeciate it!

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    Wow thats awesome of him to do give that to you!

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    great member and awesome pickup for you

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    wow! very nice guy!!! sweet freebee!cant get any better than that!

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    Yeah...I've heard that Bu54cb guy was a pretty decent guy. Guess the rumors were true!!

    Awesome freebie. Congrats Ryo and great job Bu54cb!!

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    Nate, glad you like it, I'm happy I could get it in someone's collection that will appreciate it. Not that I don't like Joe or a nice auto of his, but I've had it forever and did nothing with it. Enjoy !!

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