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Thread: 55 Bowman Hank Aaron

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    55 Bowman Hank Aaron

    got this in the mail today except i wasnt too happy with the way they shipped it. Came in a penny sleeve with cardboard around it i mean they could of atleast put in a toploader or something but for the price i paid i expect it to be well protected because its in pretty good condition as it is. They werent dealers just a random older couple that probably didnt know any better because and they didnt have much feedback either. Oh well just wanted to know someones thoughts on whether i should give them a negative or neutral feedback or just let it go. Still a very nice card and i dont think anything really happened to its condition.


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    Nice Card! I use to have that card! (not the exact one
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    wow great condition for its age and great card! You should get it graded

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    Very nice. I say give positive feedback if it made it ok.

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