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    2008-09 OPC and Update Base Needs

    I need the following 2008-09 OPC Base cards:


    UPDATE: 620-603-605-606-607-608-611-613-614-621-626-627-628-629-630-631-632-634-638-640-641-642-645-646-647-649-650-651-652-656-659-660-666-667-668-672-678-679-683-685-686-688-689-690-691-692-693-694-695-696-697-698-701-702-703-705-706-710-712-713-718-720-723-725-727-728-729-731-732-733-734-737-740-741-744-746-747-749-750-753-760-762-765-766-768-771-772-773-776-777-778-779-780-783-784-785-787-788-789-791-792-794-796-798-799

    I have a bunch of Metal, Metal X, and Retro in addition to non-update base for trade. I also have an extensive tradelist. Please PM me you email address if you'd like to see it as it is an Excel spreadsheet.


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