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    5 Boxes 06-07 Heroes and Prospects INSANE hits! Crosby MOJO!

    Alright so I went into DA today planning on buying one box of 06-07 Heroes and Prospects since Scott said they were only 25 bux. Well After one pretty good box, I decided to keep going... and going... and going...

    Anyways here's what I got:
    Inserts first -
    Class of 2006:
    Michael Frolik x3
    Bryan Little
    James Sheppard

    Calder Cup Champions:
    Jeff Schultz
    Tomas Fleischmann x3
    Mike Green x2





    Willie O'Ree

  2. The Card Swap
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    And now to the REAL good stuff...

    Regular GU:

    Ballard 2clr AHL All-Star GU /80

    Martin Brodeur /50!


    Tim Thomas

    Stick and Jersey:

    Leland Irving /100

    Petr Prucha /100
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    3rd Star:

    Andy Rogers absolutely ridiculous emblem

    2nd Star:

    Blake Comeau glove /10!

    1st Star: MOJO!

    Sidney Crosby National Pride Glove /80!

    Overall, VERY satisfied with my breaks as I only expected 2 hits per box and all but one box (had the Crosby :) had at least 3 hits :)

    All are FT/FS, thanks for looking!


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    Not to bad at all.

    The prospect autos are pretty iffy, not the O'ree
    You did well with the game used, 2 stick/jerseys, a patch, and 2 known players.


    Edit: and holy crap I spoke to soon, wow nice emblem, and that Crosby is WOW.

    Now really congrats!

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    nice crosby hit... right now would be the perfect time to sel it IMO

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    Pictures don't do the Rogers justice, it's just plain sick in person
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    Amazing break congrats on O'sullivan and especially Bourdon, That Rodgers patch is sick. Looks like you really got bang for your buck

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    amazing breaks man, congratrs on that crosby

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    I would really like to get my hands on that Blake Comeau. I can get you all of the remaining double diamonds you need as well as almost any triples and/or quads to boot!
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    nice break - some really awesome cards and swatches beyond the Sid mojo.

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