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    Look what I just found ..!....!.....!......!

    I was rummaging through a couple boxes and found 12 TTM autos I received not too long ago. Well, really, they came in two different waves. The older cards I sent when I was in my teens (35 now) and the Couch and Boston and those FB ones I sent during their rookie year in 1999. I forgot I had them until now.

    I really like the Larry Bird one and the Jeff VanGundy. The Jagr is kind of cool too.

    Not too sure what I'm going to do with them. Don't really need 'em for anything. Anyway, they are on the very front page of my bucket, linked in my sig below.

    Comments would be welcomed.

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    Autos moved from front page to TTM in misc cards. Thanks!

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