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Thread: Greatest Foods- Finals!

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    Greatest Foods- Finals!

    Here we go folks!! The final round to decide which food is the best ever!!!

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    I'll have to with pasta. How in the wrold Chinese food is not on that list?

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    STEAK!!! RIB EYE!!!!!

    I missed the rest of the polls.
    The egg is the perfect food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angel0430 View Post
    I'll have to with pasta. How in the wrold Chinese food is not on that list?
    I never thought chinese food should have been in the poll. It's an entire of group of food.

    pasta is actually kind along the same lines since pasta usually isn't the main part of the meal like a steak and a hamburger are. Sure you can add other stuff to a steak and hamburger, but in a pasta dish the thing that makes it actually good is the stuff you put on it. Most would eat a burger or a steak plain, but rarely do people eat pasta plain other than romin noodles or something like that. I don't throw down bow tie noodles plain. lol

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    Did not saw it that way but yiou have a point.....

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    wow, steak is kicking butt. It wouldn't even be in my top 5

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    A perfect meal would be all three...mmmmmmmmm *drool*...well, off to my Ramen noodles

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