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Thread: wttf Lidstrom and Wings

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    wttf Lidstrom and Wings

    After seeing another member's post of top ten cards. I have decided I liked the idea and would like to get as many Lidstrom /10 as possible. If anyone has other Red Wings I be interested in those as well. Please don't just say what you have but either propose a trade or specify what you like.
    Thanks for reading, Shawn

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    Welcome to the boards Shawn, nice to have another Wings fan around. I have quite a few Wings traders in the "for trade" section of my bucket. The PC stuff is not however FT. Looking for any Wing RC GU or Auto I don't have in my bucket.

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    have a lidstrom/salming THE CUP dual enshrinements /25

    this 1/100

    and this auto patch

    IDK if your interested in any of these...I have a lot more nice wings in my PC. I just combed thorugh your bucket and your PC is quite amazing and extensive. Would you trade any PC 4 PC? I'd trade a Zetty Limited Logo for some of the stuff you have. VERY NICE!

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    WOW didnt see your Bucket right the first time I looked, I have these!

    Patches are both #'d to 10

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    wingsfan-13: I am definately interested in the patches maybe /100. pm what you would like to do.

    michigan: might be interested pending what you like. send me a pm.


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