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    Thumbs down They Dont Even Make These! Yet Dumb People Bid!

    So Bogus and a Private Listing should tell ya somthing these were plain jerseys with no autos.......
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  2. Kronozio
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    The numbering on those are like /1499. Should be obvious when the person gets the card. Takes some kind of worthless person to pull scams like these. And this guy isnt just "making a buck" - looks like he's making a whole lot more.
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    that auto just looks terrible alone, a clear fake
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    do they make these with just a gu? if so its probably a fake since he just got the auto off another card and put it on there since its a sticker auto

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    The auto looks real, the seller probably just pulled the sticker off from another card. The wording is dubious - "autograph on an official sticker"

    Uninformed and oblivious people will always bid on these though...

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    Card is autographed on an official Donruss/Playoff Autograph Sticker !!!

    so basically what he's saying is he obtained an official sticker they use that was blank and forged it.

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    yah i know... and to make it look aven worse, its #d out of 50! How can you make 50 logo patches like that? theres no way they are cutting logos off 50 of tejadas jsys

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