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Thread: Nice PC Mailday!

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    Nice PC Mailday!

    Got a couple things in today for the P/C, just wanted to share.

    First up, an 'H'....

    Only need the 'S', and I'll finally finish the name.

    Jimmie Johnson 09 Battle Armor Level 1

    Casey Mears 08 Stealth Maximum Access Auto #'d/25

    Casey Mears 06 Traks Auto #'d/100....these '06 Traks Autos have been almost impossible to find.

    That's all! Just wanted to share.


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    good luck finding the "S" and nice additions

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    nice adds Jeremy-like that Mears auto-and cant wait to see the name finished-just finished mine-what a pain-they look great when they are done though-good luck with the S!

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    Very nice additions to your collections!

    Thanks for sharing!


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