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    My "funny name" card collection

    I have always been amused by the funny names out there in sports. Attached is what I have so far in my "funny name collection". If you have any suggestions for additions it would be appreciated. They are Beavis and Butthead humorish but at the very least I hope you might get a laugh out of some of these.

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    Man .... as childish as they are ... they are also friggin hilarious!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeRmZ View Post
    Man .... as childish as they are ... they are also friggin hilarious!!

    That they are my friend....that they are!!! lol

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    I always like a Fair Hooker, not the ones who rip you off lol

    Great collection going, keep it up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FootballCardFreak View Post
    I like Rusty Kuntz
    My personal favorite as well ...

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    before i even looked at your bucket, i was going to mention i had several Dick Pole cards....of course i set them aside, who wouldn't with a name like that? I also have a Harry Colon card somewhere

    Too bad there aren't any cards of "Lucious Pusey"...i think he played football for Missouri...what a name...i would seriously consider super-collecting that dood!

    but your collection won't be complete until you get a Dick Butkus card in there....

    I think im going to change my username to ChubbyCox...that's amazing! Rusty Kuntz is great too...never heard of either of them before

    EDIT: i almost forgot to mention Decody Fagg & Albert "poo-holes"

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