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    Closer and closer to supercollector 3 nice PC

    Hey guys as usual its Ronnie Brown TIME. haha.. Kinda aiming for Supercollector but we will see what happens..
    This one I picked up of the bay pretty cheap but was more damaged then the seller said but for the price I still like it.. Nice oncard auto

    One of my new top 5 cards I think.

    Got this in today also very nice (my opinion here guys)

    Couldnt find this one when I scanned the others.. RC yr jersey PU.
    LMK what you guys think..

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    olly Ill go through and see what base i have of him if interested?

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    Those are all very nice!

    Thanks for sharing!


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    Thanks everyone..
    Superman.. Yeah if you have some you want to get rid of id be interested.. Just LMK

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    Added another rc yr jersey card that I misplaced when trying to find them.. Gotta love the bay sometimes.. Picked up the rc yr jersey card for I think $2.50 or $3shipped cause noone esle bid.
    Thanks for lookin.

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