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    WTTF: Mask Collection MINI MASKS

    i have the following and i am looking for all of the others.
    Chico Resch
    Tony Esposito
    Cujo Leafs
    Cujo Wings
    lmk what you have

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    I don't have any extras but I just wanted to let you know (not sure if you knew this or not) but there are different versions of both Josephs. The Toronto mask comes in 2 versions, one with a dull cage and the other version with a chrome shinny cage. The Detroit mask comes in three versions regular, "sparkle" and autographed.

    Just thought I would let you know :)


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    yeah i knew that, but thanks for the heads though, i am going to try to chase down them all, right now i have resch, tony o, cujo leafs regualar, cujo wings regular and i just got the sawchuk regualar incoming

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    i now have the broduer, hedberg and sawchuk incoming looking for more lmk thanks

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