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    FS: 07/08 Voracek GUJ + 08/09 Sutter RC artifacts redmeption

    07/08 ITG H&P GUJ #107 Jakub Voracek - $10 dlvd

    08/09 Artifacts Brandon Sutter Redemption card (unredeemed) - $5 dlvd
    - I've heard either /750 and /999 for this, not sure which.

    could let the two go for $12 dlvd. PM works best.

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    I could let the Voracek go for $8 dlvd, but due to his upside (and how highly I think of him) I don't think I can go any lower than that.

    For the Brandon Sutter redemption, it would still be $5 dlvd because after shipping/paypal fees that really doesn't leave much as is.

    Combined for $11 dlvd, lowest I can do.

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