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    50's and 60's High End Vintage - HOFers, RCs, etc. Need to Sale

    Needing to make a few decent sales out of my vintage. Please make offers on what you like. I am easy to work with, but need to come up with as much extra cash as possible for a family emergency. Thanks, and all the big names are there: Mantle, Williams, Mays, Koufax, Maris, Clemente, etc. Thanks. Scans are in my photobucket.

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    wo wyou have alot of nice cards dont even know where to begin. how much cash are you looking to raise?

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    kg21 - Thanks. Trying to come up with about $2000. I know that will be tough, but a few $200-300 sales could make it happen. Either way, need to make a few sales. Let me know if there is anything you need. Thanks.

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    Wow nice cards!
    Interested in any

    PLMK Jesse

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    Otter05 - Plenty there, just find some you like and make me an offer. Thanks.

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