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    08-09 OPC Premier PTTP Video Break

    Just thought I'd give an exciting heads up, we're filming a 3 or 4 pack concept break of 09 OPC premier today. It's a little different from "Pack Break Missionary." It was a last minute offer on UD's part to do this product, so we jumped at it. Should be available in a few days, but I will post hits early if I can. Wish us luck!

    I looked at a lot of the footage today (Sunday), and it wasn't the wreck we feared (fist pump!). About our 4 pack OPCP break...

    Two of the four packs contained base parallells #'d to 75, and all of them contained Premier Stitchings numbered to 99 or less. Are these all parallels? I thought they were numbered to 199 normally.

    I took a picture of one of our bigger hits. Video should be done by thurs.
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    Good luck with the break and I look forward to the video.

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    Good luck!
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    Can't wait to see what you pull! Good Luck!
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    Oh man that was hard. A lot of running, and I'm not the swiftest cat in the jungle. No mega hits, but one solid rookie, some decent autos, and a nice triple and quad patch. Gotta scoot off to work.

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    yeah, post the vid, interested in seeing what you got

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