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Thread: Live box break, 1 box BTP

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    Live box break, 1 box BTP

    Well, after two days of solid studying i needed some cheering up, Houng was around and had a BTP box available so I had to go for it.

    Who wants to watch the break?

    As the chat room is down, we got this chatzy room. Come in and watch the break if you feel like it!

    Wish me luck!

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    Here's what came out of the box (minus the LaCosta)

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    it could be better, the only thing is missing to become a good box a bigger name.

    Anyway congrats for the pulls, I've seen worse breakdown in the BTP :)


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    lol Thanks for adding the pics Houng and yes it wasnt the best box win some you lose some...

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    Hopefully one of those guys develops into a superstar, you never do know when dealing with goaltenders

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