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    2009 Upper Deck Series 2 - Packs from a HOT BOX!!!

    So I went to the LCS today and picked up 2 packs of UD Draft (football) and one pack of 09 Upper Deck Series 2 baseball. I pulled the Micah Gibbs AU you see below. The guy working the shop said a buddy of mine had been in the day before and had already pulled an auto - so either there were 2 autos in the box or it was a hot box...

    Long story short, I bought 7 packs total, hit 6 autos and a very nice GU. All are FT/FS. Make an offer on the biggie at the end. NOTE - BOTH GIBBS AND THE BOGGS ARE GONE!!!

    And this one...why couldn't this have been an auto!!!
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    Nice stuff congrats on finding a hot box

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    Quote Originally Posted by spuds1961 View Post
    Nice stuff congrats on finding a hot box
    Thanks! If I hadn't been on a budget, I would have bought the last 3 packs that were in that box!

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    Quote Originally Posted by choppedbeef View Post
    i gotta get me one of those hot boxes
    The dealer said they are 1 to a case but he wasn't sure? I honestly don't think they intended to pack out a hot box!

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    Nice Strasburg! Would've been sick if it was autoed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gladdyontherise View Post
    Nice Strasburg! Would've been sick if it was autoed!
    Thanks! You and me both!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topps A+G View Post
    cms please for the Strasburg!
    Already did in my trading it is again though:

    "Have some interest in the Yount Premier Swatches (if I can get a scan, that would be great) and the Reggie Jackson AU...but that's it. I know these are probably WAY too high for the Strasburg.


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