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Thread: some whales harpooned

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    some whales harpooned

    added a few whales to the collection a shoutout to everybody that have bought stuff from me to help fund these purchases

    and finally got a logo for my staal collection

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    wow, very nice pick ups, congrats on some rare finds

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    Those are fantastic Staals.


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    Far and away the best of the Staal boys and definitely the best signature out them all as well. Congrats on all those gorgeous acquisitions.

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    Those are awesome, LOVE the Shield! I just got a "WHALE" too! Just waiting for it to come in the mail.
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    VERY nice stuff. I absolutely love the Signature Sticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walter Sobchak View Post
    VERY nice stuff. I absolutely love the Signature Sticks
    thanks man i had to get that one since i found out there were 2 versions one signed in blue ink and this one ive had for a few months that is signed in gold ink

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    sweet cards
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    Really nice stuff Duane congrats!

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