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    now collecting KYLE TURRIS .... EVERYTHING

    PM or comment. let me know all the cards you have and what your looking for in return. still looking for boedker too

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    pulled a turris ultimate sig this afternoon in my box, also have the opc rc, mvp rc, ultra rc, looking for guys in my sig and more, also have a boedker metal for you.

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    have a Black Diamond RC, but i might start a pc of him so it would have to be the right card. also have Boedker Rookie Impressions if ur interested, along with Johnson Rookie Headliners SP. looking for anyone in my sig

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    Have his YG and his Ultra Looking for MA Fleury, Samsonov, Crosby and Malkin

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    SP GameUsed Rookie Exclusive Auto #077/100 ... looking for Hurricanes or Tradebait

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    I have a Kyle Turris Ruby Parallel 39/100 from 08-09 Black Diamond. Picture in my bucket and wants in my sig, let me know.

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