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    Bruins- Savard, Ryder, Krejci cards needed please help!!

    David Krejci, Michael Ryder #605 in Bruins uniform OPC Retro cards needed. And hand signed autos.
    I can find them on ebay but the prices for shipping are outrageous.
    Looking for Marc Savard, Krejci & Michael Ryder ( In Bruins uniform only ).
    Manny Fernandez OPC and Retro autographed cards and other 08-09 Bruins.
    The autos I am looking for are ones that were obtained in person or thru the mail.
    Please help having a very hard time finding any of these.

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    I have PM'ed you on several occasions and have yet to hear back from you.

    Not sure why you are saying you are having a hard time finding these when I and many other people on here have them and have offered some to you.

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    I don't have autoed stuff but I hava couple that might interest U:

    Prices are in US funds, $6.00 minimum order, Please add on $2.for S&H and $2. more dollars for insurance.

    09 OPC rainbow Retro Marc Stuart, print run x/100......need $3.
    07 BD Mark Stuart quad dia SP......$4.
    08 Sweet Shot S. Beginnings Krejci.... $15.
    08 UD Artifacts: Legend inserts:,Cherry,, Orr, Phil Espo........$2.50 Each
    07 BD Bourque quad dia SP........$5.
    09 BD Wheeler quad dia SP RC...........$19.
    09 BD Kobasew GU, 2 colors, .......Sell $3.50
    Need , newer Lions /newer Red Wings Anthony Mantha/ Flickr account: Hidden Content

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    Thank you but those are not what i am looking for.

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