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Thread: 09 SP Legendary Cuts BREAK

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    09 SP Legendary Cuts BREAK

    Will be opening this right now and will post the goods after. wish me luck


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    gl, I have three boxes inbound

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    Ernie Banks Legendary Memorabilia GU jersey 31/50
    Carlton Fisk/Jason Varitek Generations Dual Jersey
    Don Mattingly/Jason Giambi Generations Dual Jersey
    Rod Carew Legendary Memorabilia GU Jersey 038/125

    Martin Van Buren (US President) 249/550

    David Price rookie

    all ft. LMK

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    VERY disapointed with this years porduct, TOPPS has all the rights to the BIG names, so this year is going to be VERY weak and watered down:( But it sounds like you did pretty good thou.

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    What type of value are you looking for on the Tek/Fisk?

    Otherwise, not too bad of a break

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