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Thread: 3 boxes of donruss americana

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    3 boxes of donruss americana

    Thumbs up to Donruss; first great check list, execellent product as always
    next the price point, lower , yes lower then last year about 25% lower
    opened 3 boxes and I think I did well, some well know names some not
    on with the show

    next hollywood materials

    nice dual piece here

    autos 2 sweathogs

    nice auto mem


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    now the meat of the break
    I can see movie buffs chasing this set its quite nice

    its a little strange I think this would be the back of the card
    heres the front of those cards

    nice daul auto

    "cut" auto

    anyway all this for less the 2 packs of OPCP I think I made a good choice

    open to offers

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