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Thread: Recent pick ups...

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    Smile Recent pick ups...

    Well not that recent as I have been fairly inactive on the boards the last few months. But I still have managed to pick up a few nice cards through sales and trades. All but one of the lot were obtained through SCF in one manor or another.

    First, a nice Canucks card for the PC...Not really low numbered but very nice looking none the less...thanks to Breezain for the trade.

    Next my PC guy....Brodeur, lol...King Richard that is...

    #/10 BTP Emblem (Love the use of an actual GU piece), thanks to CoolHandLuc for this trade...

    Next are a couple 08 Cup cards I got through sales here on SCF...

    # / 25


    Next is a great story. My wife bought me this card off the Bay. I have Richard saved as one of my searches so she was looking for something nice to me as gift and here is what she bought me. What a great wife, I have been trying to trade or buy this card for more then a year now.

    Thanks for looking, any comments are welcome.

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    Wow Nash some very cool pieces there, got to love the pressie from the wife!


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    Thanks all for the comments. I have to say the dual auto has to be my fave for sure, still can't believe she grabbed it for me. And a great price too...

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    the patches are sweet looking
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    Always nice when they grab something you want at a price you can live with it.

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    Great pickups, and a nice story about the Dual Auto!
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