Posted by George James Malik June 06, 2009 08:33AM

After the NHL's GM's declared that they have "no appetite" for a rule banning hits to the head during their June meetings in Pittsburgh, NHLPA executive director Paul Kelly reiterated his constituents' stance to the Vancouver Sun's Cam Cole:

June 4, Vancouver Sun: "I respect the general managers' views, but that's not the end of the dialogue," Kelly told reporters. "This issue will come up again in the competition committee meeting.

"The rule that our players have proposed ... No. 1, it has to be a player who's in a vulnerable position. No. 2, in the judgment of the official, the attacking player has to target the head of that vulnerable player, and No. 3, he has to make contact with that head with any part of his body, including the shoulder. So there's elements of intent, targeting and vulnerability.